Writers Wanted

There’s a new page on this blog called “The Authors,” and it’s in desperate need of editing.

Why?  Well, for one, it’s a rather pathetic list.

The list is simply Me and You.

Sad, isn’t it?

Yes, because I know very well that you are going places and doing things and eating out and exploring and meeting locals and soaking up all the culture both inside Germany and beyond its borders.  I know because I see your posts and I sit here envious that my adventure is over (for now).


So, I’d like to edit the “The Authors” to include you and when this blog moves to its new host, there will be an easy contributor form for you to fill out. Right now, you can just send me an email (tifany74@yahoo.com OR tifany74@gmail.com).


You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A PROFESSIONAL WRITER.  But if you are a writer, here’s a place to test out your travel writing and review writing talents, get your name in print, AND help out your fellow GK peeps.

I will do a quick edit of all submissions.  Photos are welcome, but please keep the number of photos under between 1-5.


Contributions:  These can include travel tips, trip and location guides, restaurant reviews, local culture, etc.

< 10 contributions, you’ll be acknowledged in the post as a contributor.


10+  contributions, you’ll be listed as both in the post and on “The Authors” page.  I’d like a small profile photo and a short bio to include with your name on the Authors page.  I’m also going to create a label with your name so that your fans can easily find all of your articles/suggestions.



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