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Who is Living In GK?

It’s just Me and You.

The hope is that You and I can work together to make this thing continue to be a viable resource for the Tri-Border community.

I am the creator, owner, web-designer, and editor of the Living in GK blog.  I also manage the Facebook page and Twitter handle and answer all the email questions that you ask.  It’s a project that I thoroughly enjoy.

You have already helped a immensely with emails telling me when restaurants close and your own recommendations and contributions.  Some of you amazing authors out there even send pictures.  I love that.  Thank you.


The “Me” Behind the Blog

Hi.  My name is Tiffany Stahlbaum and I am a military spouse.

In November of 2005, I flew into Brussels with my husband, 4 children, 13 pieces of luggage, 3 car seats, and a cat.  Our sponsor told us that we’d have to wait for another newbie flying in on a different flight, so we went to the cafe to wait.  In my jet-lagged haze I ordered a glass of white wine and a chocolate mousse.  Both tasted awful.  It was 7:30am.

So that was my beginning.  The drive to GK was terrifying.  The drive through Gangelt even more so.  It snowed the next day, I didn’t have a car or a license, and though I loved the down comforters and pillows at the Gasthaus, I wasn’t so sure about the pickled pumpkin that I tried to make a pie with for Thanksgiving.

That changed.  Thankfully.  I think I fell in love with GK as soon as I found my 100-year old house and met my neighbor, the sweet German “tante” that made me pudding, bribed my cat with home-cooked food,  and cuddled with my girls.  She spoke to me non-stop in German and I smiled and looked confused for a good year before learning enough to sit for hours over her home made cherry cake and a never ending cup of coffee.

In 2009, we packed up our bags and drove to our next assignment – in Spain.  I cried hysterically until we reached the Belgian border believing that I’d never love another place as much.  I cried happily when landing in GK for a visit a year later.  GK had become home.  Spain has too and so I often feel torn now between the two when I think of where I want to land “when I grown up.”

Either way, I feel eternally blessed to have lived in GK for 3.5 years.  It was a life-changing experience in which I met some of my dearest friends and learned some of my favorite recipes.

I’m still surprised to hear from you.  The emails of support have been phenomenal and I am so happy that this “little” blog has helped you.

The “YOU” Behind this Blog

YOU are amazing.  You are a different sort of traveler than the group that was here before you.  You are more open and adventurous.  You are seeing more and doing more.  (I’m really quite jealous.)  You are inspiring.

This is where YOU are essential.  I would love to be there now, in your shoes, experiencing it all again.  I want to try every cafe and new restaurant and explore every little corner of the world over there.

I can’t, but YOU CAN.  Most of you already are.

If this blog has helped you, then help this blog and help others by sharing the wonderful things that you’ve discovered.  It’s as easy as an email.   Just send it to and let me know how you want to be be credited (initials or full name), or, even easier, use the contact form on this blog by clicking on the “contact” tab.

Some of our amazing contributors so far are (drumroll, please)…

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