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Museum Card – The Netherlands

I wish I would have known about this when I lived there!  What a wonderful deal! Reader Recommendation… What?  For less than 40 Euros, you’ll have access to 135 places in The Netherlands for an entire year including several local places that you may not have seen yet!  To find out more (in English), check […]

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Kinderdijk, NL – 19 windmills

One must see location in Holland. There is no reason to miss this.  If your winter is cold enough to freeze this ice, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to skate this and many other canals in Holland.  This is the silver lining in overly cold winter.Kinderdijk is a small town south of […]

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Goat Farm – For children’s parties!

Reader Recommendation… Here’s something fun and unique to do for a children’s party. It’s not close, so it’s a bit of a time commitment by car, but the lady who runs the parties speaks English and is very good with the kids. Geiten Boerderij Nieuwe Meerlaan 4 1182 DB Amstelveen Tel 020 6455034 […]

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Dutch hotel: Sleep in a wine cask

The article: The hotel website: Check for specials. There are deep discounts in the off season and, this hotel is dog friendly as well. All prices include breakfast.

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Noah’s Ark

Yes, a FULL SCALE replica of Noah’s ark has been built by a Dutch man and now travels around the Netherlands. I saw it in Schagen last year and it’s currently in Amsterdam just a ten minute walk from the train station. Fun for kids and pretty cool.

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Anton Pieck Museum in Hattem

Reader Recommendation… 2+ hours from Geilenkirchen (but the Cuijk flea market is on the way back if you make it a weekend trip!) If you haven’t heard of Anton Pieck, then google the name and find some of his pictures. They are fun, whimsical, and purely Dutch, capturing the humor and sentiment in every day […]

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Cuijk – Netherlands LARGEST flea market!

HIGHLY recommended by several readers… This is on my list of places to go before I move. Not that I’ll learn anything or see anything beautiful and historical, but wait… may be I will. After all, antiques and oddities can be beautiful and quite historical. Yep… this is a flea market/antique lovers/bargain shoppers dream. Only […]

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Scheveningan, NL — Beach town

Some of the text here was seen in the August 2008 issue of the Tri Border Reporter. I am the author of that beach story, so this text is not in anyway an infringement of that copyright. Scheveningan – 2.5 hours from the GK Website: For a little bit of everything, Scheveningan is the […]

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Netherlands – A three day bike/car trip

Courtesy of the American Spouses of Brunssum Travel Information Guide For a wonderful three-day trip–bring your bikes: Day 1 to take the 30-minute ferry to Texel Island is another popular tourist destination, but doesn’t feel all that touristy. It has beautiful, shell-packed beaches; nature reserves; sand dunes; loads of sheep and sheep-related products (woollens, soaps/creams, […]

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Delft, NL

A quick hop from any of the Holland attractions, Delft is an easy stop on your way home from Amsterdam, the Keukenhof, or the coast. Location: South Holland Tourist Draw: The New Church with a tower that you can climb, the old church along a nice canal, the Royal Delft pottery factory, a very quaint […]

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