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Veganz: A comprehensive Vegan store in Germany

Just wanted to send a quick tip for anyone who follows a “plant-based” way of eating here in the tri-border area. It is sometimes hard to find “vegan” or plant-based products on the economy but we have recently discovered an on-line resource with very minimal shipping fees. This is an awesome grocery store, the worlds […]

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Blueberry Picking!

YUM!!!! If you like blueberries, even just a little, I’ve found an absolutely delicious place to go! This little farm was started about 40 years ago and is still going strong. Run by the family who started it, the people who work and help there are really friendly and helpful. Buy berries already picked… or, […]

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Passion Chocolate – Paris

 Passion Chocolate Chocolatier Fabricant 122 Av. Simon Bolivar Paris Fresh ingredients.  True pure flavor.  A smooth creamy cocoa buttery center and chocolate so natural that it leaves chocolate fingerprints if you pause before tasting it. These are not your usual chocolate and worth every penny.  A special gift or indulgent treat, it is absolutely a […]

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Preuvenemint, Maastricht (Food and Music)

You may have heard of the “Bite of” events in the states where restaurants show off a bit to show the best food in a region. Here, the Preuvenemint is just that – like a “Bite of Maastricht,” for four days some of the best restaurants in the city set up tents in the Vrithof […]

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Deep Fried What???

Thanks to a wonderful friend who sent me this package of sweetness from the Sittard market, I am able to post them here and recommend them to any of you who enjoy something new, different, unusual, or just strange looking. Hollow tubes of chewy sweetness. Any ideas what it might be??? Honey. Deep fried honey. […]

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Deliciously Dutch

Ok, so I don’t live in the area anymore, so this post is making me a bit sad. Ahhh… the amazing things you can find there. Yes, this is a bit chocolate heavy. Blame me. May be this will explain the Tri-border “fluff” I acquired after 3.5 years living there. :) But these treats… totally […]

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Quick Wine Guide – Germany/MSR

Varieties of Mosel Wines:The type of wine produced is named partly from the grape that it is created from. A Reisling, for example, comes from the Reisling grapes. Though soil conditions, harvest times, aging, and weather can greatly effect the flavor of the wine, the grape itself is the first stop in creating a fantastic […]

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Limburg Breweries

Ok… I am not a beer drinker, so I need a volunteer! :) I’ve got this list of local Limburg breweries and I know from others that there are some real gems here, but I do not have the tastebuds to go out and test all these. So, if you try them, please send your […]

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Go Organic

A fan of healthy organic foods? You won’t be without them here. Most German grocery stores have small sections of organic foods near the produce section and on the Netherlands side, you can find a good selection of organic foods at Albert Heijn as well as the two large weekly markets in the area. Sittard’s […]

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Bouchard Chocolates – Ghent

I discovered these delicious chocolates in Paris when one was sitting next to my cappuccino… but, I just found out that they are in Ghent, a wonderful town for a day trip for sightseeing. And, if you’re there, why not stop and get some chocolates.

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