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New Regulations Re: Shipment of POV

Courtesy of LiGK reader and VPC Schinnen. This new mandatory requirement just came to our attention. Proof of ownership For owned vehicles:  One of the following is required.      ~ A certificate of Title, (free and clear), front and back, or      ~ Host Nation Registration,(free and clear) front and back, or      ~ Military […]

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Moving Overseas with your Pet

Regulations change frequently, so the following are just some basics that I did with my pet.  DO go to your vet and look online for additional information.  A quick Google search will bring you a lot of information.  Check dates as you need the most current information.  When moving with your pet: PLAN AHEAD.  Some […]

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Finding the stateside home.

Leave a comment to add your favorite school and home resources! School information  Scroll over the map to see different schools with their addresses, links, and ratings.  Search for schools and click on schools to see information, test scores, ratings, reviews, and demographics.  Reader recommended.  “I was very interested in the 1/10 score […]

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Charities: Accepting Donations

Whether we’re moving in, moving out, or just spring cleaning, we hope to send our gently used things to someone that needs them.   Here is a start of what I hope will be a list of options.  If you know of a place that needs our old things:  clothes, household items, etc… please leave a […]

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Used Furniture (or How to get rid of your junk at the end of your tour)

Where do you find used furniture? Something inexpensive and simple that will just last long enough until you move? Or, where do get rid of these things when it’s time to get that weight down???  Getting rid of your junk can be difficult in a land of no garage sales. Here are a few options: […]

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Hotel in Dusseldorf — PSC hint

Hint from a friend who recently PCSed out: 1. Pick your own flights ahead of time, print out your desired itinerary, then take it to the travel office. It makes it easier for them, and then you more often get flights/times/cities that work with your family’s schedule better. 2. If you’re flying out of Düsseldorf, […]

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Educational Websites for Kids

If you’re PCSing, or just curious, you can test your child’s academic levels according to the school they will be attending using the website below.   Websites: The best resources for knowing about the best websites are our teachers. Most of my favorites, I’ve learned from my children’s teachers and the school website. Look […]

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Local Guesthouses and Hotels – PSC In or Out

The guest house that you choose for your sponsoree is important. It can make a rough transition to a foreign country smoother and give its inhabitants a first impression of their new home. These guest houses are known and loved by the people who have stayed there. If your favorite isn’t listed, email it in […]

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Leaving GK

As I haven’t actually PCS’d yet, I am clearly not an expert in this area, BUT, it is important to attack as things go very differently here and it can be a complicated process. So, let’s open this up to your ideas/comments/etc… and hopefully, at the end of it all, we’ll have a decent resource […]

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