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Cosima’s Guest House – Heinsberg

Reader Recommendation! Another wonderful guest house (gasthaus) for you or your visitors.  Cosima’s guest house is in Heinsberg.  She speaks perfect English and has a terrific place for people to stay in. Here’s the link to her website:

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Hotel in Dusseldorf — PSC hint

Hint from a friend who recently PCSed out: 1. Pick your own flights ahead of time, print out your desired itinerary, then take it to the travel office. It makes it easier for them, and then you more often get flights/times/cities that work with your family’s schedule better. 2. If you’re flying out of Düsseldorf, […]

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Local Guesthouses and Hotels – PSC In or Out

The guest house that you choose for your sponsoree is important. It can make a rough transition to a foreign country smoother and give its inhabitants a first impression of their new home. These guest houses are known and loved by the people who have stayed there. If your favorite isn’t listed, email it in […]

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Local Guesthouses and Hotels

If you have family coming and they don’t quite all fit under on your sofa, here are a few alternatives. The first two listed are recommendations that a reader found in “the book Der Selfkant Freizeit & Tourismus from the Rathaus in Gangelt. It lists about 20 different options, none of which are the usual […]

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