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May Day – German Holiday

Streamers on a birch tree for May Day in Germany In the usually quiet German countryside, when mowing the lawn too early in the morning is severely frowned upon and silence is platinum, there is a sweet tradition on May 1st of each year that will wake you from your dreams with techno blasts from […]

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Oak Processionary Caterpillar

 By: USAG Schinnen Public Affairs OAK PROCESSIONARY CATERPILLAR The Oak Processionary Caterpillar lives in oak trees in the caterpillar stage from May through July. The hairs on this caterpillar contain an irritant to human skin which commonly causes a skin rash and if inhaled can also cause irritation. They’ve been found around Schinnen pond on […]

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Raps – It’s in the fields

‘Tis the season for wandering fields of bright yellow flowers and kleenex. While we were in Normandy, the raps began to bloom there and when we returned the fields around our house were vibrant with gold. Sniffles or not, I’ll enjoy the next month or so of yellow blooms before they are gone. Everywhere I […]

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