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Moving Essentials – Pack it or Store it?

Cars: How much do you love your car? The roads here are VERY narrow in places and cars park sometimes on both sides of the road and into the lane making two lane roads often a very tight one lane. Accidents happen frequently. Cars get scratched, bumped, and banged in parking lots. Mirrors are ripped […]

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International Driver’s License

* You can also find information in your Surviving Overseas Booklet provided by the Airmen Family Readiness Center at GK. Kreis Heinsberg/KreisverwaltungAddress: Valkenburger Str. 4552525 Heinsberg, GermanyGet DirectionsTelephone: 02452-131050/02452 13-1100Hours: Mon 0700-1800 – Tues & Wed 0700-1700 – Fri 0700-1500 – Sat 0900-1200 Unfortunately, even in the couple years that I’ve lived here, police are […]

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Translation tools

FREE translation tools. I personally use the yahoo tools the most, but they don’t have Norwegian, so I use the tranexp or google for that. :) You are not going to get a beautiful nor accurate translation here… these are very literal translators. But, it will give you a general idea and sometimes that’s enough. […]

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NL Driving: Schinnen

Schinnen police are cracking down on speeding and proper document holding. The longer article is below… but here are the biggies: Watch your speed. In town the speed limit is 50Kpm. On some roads (especially near Schinnen) it’s 30. That feels slow sometimes, but it isn’t fair to the residents along those narrow streets for […]

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Typing Foreign Letters/Symbols

Living here, you may end up in the situation where you need to type something in another language – even just a name – that has symbols in it that are not easily accessible from your keyboard. Looking for a Turkish letter, I just ran across this website where you can type in your message […]

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Driving in GK area

Getting your Eusur license: If you are going to be stationed at GK, you’ll need to study for and take a test to get a license to drive in Germany. This is different from the International Driver’s license which you can purchase in Heinsburg without a test. The complete handbook, street signs, and a lengthy […]

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English Speaking Church Services/Chapel Hours

Crazy. It seems to me that I’d posted this ions ago… guess I overlooked it. Anyway… here is some basic info on chapel times. I have the GK hours here in front of me. Care to fill me in on Brunssum chapel times as well or any other English speaking services in the area? Geilenkirchen […]

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Hotel in Dusseldorf — PSC hint

Hint from a friend who recently PCSed out: 1. Pick your own flights ahead of time, print out your desired itinerary, then take it to the travel office. It makes it easier for them, and then you more often get flights/times/cities that work with your family’s schedule better. 2. If you’re flying out of Düsseldorf, […]

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Gas Cards

This is by no means comprehensive, but some additional information on the new AAFES/Esso Gas Card. For more information/training, go to this website: From last night’s town hall meeting: 1) For US, if you are eligible to buy gas coupons, you are eligible for the fuel card. For your non-US friends, it will vary […]

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Most of you already know ALL about IKEA. I think it’s probably one of the first places that most sponsors will take you when you move here and rightly so… they have reasonable prices, take the VAT form, accept VISA, AND, have just about everything you could possibly need including lamps, rugs, children’s things, furniture, […]

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