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German Ticket Calculator

Got blitzed? Would you like an idea of what you might have to pay? Use the calculator below to figure it out! Fortunately, most German tickets aren’t nearly as high as those in the US, but you can’t talk yourself out of them either – not with those hideous photographs pinning you to the scene. […]

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You usually don’t hear about the rules until you unknowingly try to break one. Like you can’t ship coffee outside of Germany (but the post office at Schinnen will ship it for you), and I’ve been told that you can’t ship playing cards to Spain. Of course, the list doesn’t stop there… here’s a site […]

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Good Info

I wish I would have found this site years ago. Though some of the information applies to civilians only, there is a ton of information here on schools, banking, utilities and other basics of living in Germany. It also has guides for other countries as well, so if you stay overseas, it may come in […]

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Although we don’t have the luxury of a Barnes and Noble around every corner, we are very lucky here in GK to have two nice international libraries, a bookstore, and several active book clubs in the area. Libraries: JFC Brunssum International Library New Location: Next to the Shop 2000 (take 2nd exit from roundabout just […]

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Commissary Grocery List

Thank you to a dear and extremely organized reader who has the following list stuck onto her refrigerator so that she and her family members can highlight what the need as they run out. “I double check the list prior to the commissary run, highlight or write in what else I need, then it’s aerobic […]

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Print This – Emergency Procedures

Copy, enlarge, and print the form on the right and put it by your phone. It could help.Printable version in Google Docs here. Text and Emergency Card prepared by Stephanie Mittuch: “Imagine this scenario. Your spouse is TDY and your kids are rough housing as usual. One of them is injured so badly that you […]

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Passport Issues: France

So there’s been a bit of a buzz lately about what kind of passport you should have and when or if active duty members even always need them… here’s the latest. Keep in mind, this is pretty basic stuff. You are living overseas and you’re traveling around. You can’t expect police and border folks in […]

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FYI: Gas at Schinnen

If you haven’t been frustrated by this already, here’s a little FYI to prevent some frustration in the future:If you are registered for gas in Germany, you can no longer purchase gas at Schinnen.Yep, it’s a sad catch 22, but all of us Germany folks have to use the new ESSO gas cards and they […]

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Used Furniture (or How to get rid of your junk at the end of your tour)

Where do you find used furniture? Something inexpensive and simple that will just last long enough until you move? Or, where do get rid of these things when it’s time to get that weight down???  Getting rid of your junk can be difficult in a land of no garage sales. Here are a few options: […]

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Medical Care List: Quick Reference

Reader Contribution… BIG thanks to the reader who put this together! What a great resource. This is one to print and keep one at home and one in your car for emergencies. Hospitals in Netherlands: Atrium Hospital Heerlen (sees Children!) Henri Dunantstraat 5 T: 0031 (045) 576 66 66 or 0031-45-577-8844 Orbis Medisch CentrumDr. H. […]

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