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New Regulations Re: Shipment of POV

Courtesy of LiGK reader and VPC Schinnen. This new mandatory requirement just came to our attention. Proof of ownership For owned vehicles:  One of the following is required.      ~ A certificate of Title, (free and clear), front and back, or      ~ Host Nation Registration,(free and clear) front and back, or      ~ Military […]

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The Basics of Garbage, Trash & Recycling

Here are a few basics about how trash is done in this region of Germany. These are general rules. You’ll find various differences from village to village. Some are more strict than others, so just do your best and in time, you’ll figure out what works. There are horror stories of garbage collectors opening and […]

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More Resources Online: Blogs and Facebook

Back in the dark ages, there was nothing out there about GK.  Now, there are more blogs, facebook pages, and tweets that I can keep track of! What a wonderful thing! Newcomer Amanda Robbins has written two new blogs about her experiences. The first,, documents her move to GK.  It’s detailed, it’s recent, and […]

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Local Car Rental

Where do you go if you need to rent a car locally?  When family comes and we need a bigger car or when you’re taking a big trip and need some extra space?  Do you have experience that you’d like to share? Car Rental(Sixt)Borgerweg 10Schinnen, 6365 CWNetherlandsPhone: 011-31-46443-8215Open Hours: Tues-Sat, 1000-1800 *The Car Rental at Schinnen […]

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Charities: Accepting Donations

Whether we’re moving in, moving out, or just spring cleaning, we hope to send our gently used things to someone that needs them.   Here is a start of what I hope will be a list of options.  If you know of a place that needs our old things:  clothes, household items, etc… please leave a […]

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Sadly, a lot of your German experience boils down to your house and who owns it.   I’ve met a lot of people who’ve been miserable because of a problematic house and an unresponsive and even dishonest landlord.  Though our legal and housing offices do their best, they can’t always solve every issue that comes up. […]

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German Kindergartens: One mother’s story

We all know that learning a second language is a great opportunity for our children, but many hesitate when considering a German kindergarten.  No two experiences are alike, but one mom was kind enough to write up her thoughts and experiences.  I’ll post mine here later in the comments.  If you have something to add, […]

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Road Conditions

When weather affects the roads, here are two good places to go to find out what’s going on in your area and beyond.  Be informed.  Drive safely.  

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Snow Tires.

Germany’s parliament has passed a new law that mandates the use of winter or all-season tires when there is “black ice, snow, sluch, ice or frost on German roads.”  These tires should be clearly marked by the manufacturer with a snowflake logo or the M+S symbol meaning mud and snow (matsch und schnee). ADAC recommends […]

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Driver’s License Expiration

So you’re living in Germany driving around with your “US Forces in Germany” license and your US license expires.  It’s easy to forget about these little details while living overseas, but it will save you time and grief to pay attention.  Renew your license as soon as you can.  Most states will allow you to […]

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