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Aachen Events!

There is always a lot to do and see in Aachen. It’s just finding out in time that’s the problem. Check out the website – it’s all there. Website: August 08 – 18 — SommerbendA large celebration with food, music, and a huge Ferris Wheel in the square between the Dom and the Rathaus. […]

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Tradition – Vietnamese Restaurant in Aachen

5 Stars! Wow! Highly recommended! Tradition aus Vietnam bei VanVietnamese Specialty RestaurantBurtscheider Strasse 11-13Aachen Tel: 0241-5592940Web: Open: Tues – Sun 1200-1500 and 1730-2330Closed: MondaysReservations: Highly recommended This restaurant has it all… the ambiance is fabulous. The place is clean, elegant, and beautifully decorated. It’s small and comfortable. The menu is expansive, so you will […]

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Food and Beauty in Aachen

Cafe Aachen Stores: Missio Haus Anton-Kurze-Allee 4 Mayerschen Buchhandlung Buchkremerstraße 1-7 Aachen-Brand Marktplatz 5 Don’t be put off by the photo… this is one that I decorated. Theirs look much better. The point is that the cake at Cafe Liege are made by Belgian chefs who make cakes their way and with 1/3 less […]

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Cafe zum Moren

Note: At some point in the not horribly far future, I will add a photo to this post. For now, I am still moving between two computers which has left my photos all floating around somewhere in the Twilight Zone. Alas, if I can’t find a good photo, I may just have to go back, […]

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Christmas Market – Aachen

Germany is known for it’s beautiful Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkts), but even beyond those borders, you can find some amazing markets enjoyable not only for shoppers, but for anyone wanting to absorb the ambiance and may be try something delicious to eat as well. I’ll give you some information on the Aachen and Cologne (Koln) markets […]

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Paella – Spanish Restaurant in Aachen

Reader Recommendation… And who doesn’t like paella? If you’re looking for something a little different, yet affordable and delicious, head to Aachen (a great town anyway) and stop at Paella – a fabulous little Spanish restaurant not far from the Market square. Tapas are only served at dinner time, so if your heart is set […]

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Don’t neglect Aachen just because it’s close. It is an amazing city, full of history, beautiful architecture, great restaurants, and fantastic shopping. Aachen is actually very loved among locals – some of whom drive quite a ways to get there. We have friends in Brussels who make quarterly trips to Aachen just to go shopping. […]

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Middelberg Konditorei Cafe & Confiserie

Just when I thought I’d had the best German cake around, I found a bakery that has topped them all! In Aachen, this cafe set on the corner of a small street right off of the Markt makes the absolutely best cake I’ve eaten since moving here. With various cakes and chocolates make on the […]

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Mexican Food Import Store!

One of the most missed foods here is, of course, Mexican. And while a lot of us can cook decent Mexican food, it is difficult to find the ingredients. But, in Aachen, there is a wonderful distributor of Mexican (and American) foods. There you can get it all – from adobe and nopoles, to all […]

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