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New Regulations Re: Shipment of POV

Courtesy of LiGK reader and VPC Schinnen. This new mandatory requirement just came to our attention. Proof of ownership For owned vehicles:  One of the following is required.      ~ A certificate of Title, (free and clear), front and back, or      ~ Host Nation Registration,(free and clear) front and back, or      ~ Military […]

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Local Car Rental

Where do you go if you need to rent a car locally?  When family comes and we need a bigger car or when you’re taking a big trip and need some extra space?  Do you have experience that you’d like to share? Car Rental(Sixt)Borgerweg 10Schinnen, 6365 CWNetherlandsPhone: 011-31-46443-8215Open Hours: Tues-Sat, 1000-1800 *The Car Rental at Schinnen […]

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Snow Tires.

Germany’s parliament has passed a new law that mandates the use of winter or all-season tires when there is “black ice, snow, sluch, ice or frost on German roads.”  These tires should be clearly marked by the manufacturer with a snowflake logo or the M+S symbol meaning mud and snow (matsch und schnee). ADAC recommends […]

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German Ticket Calculator

Got blitzed? Would you like an idea of what you might have to pay? Use the calculator below to figure it out! Fortunately, most German tickets aren’t nearly as high as those in the US, but you can’t talk yourself out of them either – not with those hideous photographs pinning you to the scene. […]

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FYI: Gas at Schinnen

If you haven’t been frustrated by this already, here’s a little FYI to prevent some frustration in the future:If you are registered for gas in Germany, you can no longer purchase gas at Schinnen.Yep, it’s a sad catch 22, but all of us Germany folks have to use the new ESSO gas cards and they […]

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International Driver’s License

* You can also find information in your Surviving Overseas Booklet provided by the Airmen Family Readiness Center at GK. Kreis Heinsberg/KreisverwaltungAddress: Valkenburger Str. 4552525 Heinsberg, GermanyGet DirectionsTelephone: 02452-131050/02452 13-1100Hours: Mon 0700-1800 – Tues & Wed 0700-1700 – Fri 0700-1500 – Sat 0900-1200 Unfortunately, even in the couple years that I’ve lived here, police are […]

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Driving in GK area

Getting your Eusur license: If you are going to be stationed at GK, you’ll need to study for and take a test to get a license to drive in Germany. This is different from the International Driver’s license which you can purchase in Heinsburg without a test. The complete handbook, street signs, and a lengthy […]

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Gas Cards

This is by no means comprehensive, but some additional information on the new AAFES/Esso Gas Card. For more information/training, go to this website: From last night’s town hall meeting: 1) For US, if you are eligible to buy gas coupons, you are eligible for the fuel card. For your non-US friends, it will vary […]

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Esso Stations for Gas Card use

For all Esso stations, here’s a website that will also allow you to find stations along a trip route. You can also get a copy of the map book, Tiger on Tour which shows the location of all 1200 Esso stations in Germany as well as provides a good road map. Places locally that take […]

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Achtung Automarder! – Local Pests

If your “check engine” light goes on in your car, check it. When my engine light came on, we took it to the Toyota dealership in Neiderheid (nice people there) to get it checked and got a quick lesson in local rodents. Our Experience: The mechanics ran a few tests and then lifted the hood. […]

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