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Local Dumps/Recycling centers?

Reader Question: “Is there a local “dump” here where I can get rid of some large bags of trash? It’s not large enough to need a truck, but I do have old electronics (computer bits), old clothes (not donate able), and misc household items. I would love to get rid of it. If there is […]

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News: Save the Date for the Tri-Border Annual Awards Banquet


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Reader Question: Does anyone know of a good chiropractor in the area?

Any advice on local chiropractors?  And if they take Tricare and if they speak English?

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May-Lie Thai Restaurant in Heinsberg

Reader Recommendation by Cherie Wied Arendse   A new Thai restaurant in Heinsberg opened!  Great food.  It’s small with about 25 seats, so make a reservations on the weekends. May-Lie Thai Restaurant Hochstrabe 162 52525 Heinsberg Phone: 024529897625 Hours: Tues-Fri, Sun 1130-2100 Sat 1730-2100 Web:  

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Ask Ann: How to get more contact with locals to practice German?

The Question: I am Canadian and I have been living in GK for 3 months now. I have been studying German on my own and with a teacher once a week but I find that I get little contact with the locals in order to practice. I find that just going to the supermarket or […]

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Where to buy children’s books in German?

Question: Hi ~ Trying to find some children’s books written in German for my 8 year old. We received ‘The Little Mermaid’ from a friend who lives in a different area, but are wondering if anyone knows of any local bookstores that would carry the fairy tales ~ Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Any […]

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St. Martin’s Day by Ann

 Text By Ann Rath   Have you lately noticed people in the area with lanterns, marching through your town or village and you were wondering what that was? Maybe you have heard of the traditional lantern parade called St. Martin which takes place every year at the beginning of November. We remember this altruistic Roman […]

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Girl Scouts in the Tri-Border Area

For enrichment, fun, learning, and friendships, Girl Scouts is one of those amazing opportunities that girls can take with them beyond their time in the Tri-Border region and even continue on back “home.”  We are so fortunate to have volunteers here who are kind enough to run these groups for our girls. Check out the […]

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Reader Question: Newly Realeased CD’s in English

Reader Question:  Do you know where you can buy new released CD’s in English (English text inside as well) either close to Geilenkirchen or this side of the Netherlands?   Do you have an answer?  Leave a comment!      

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How to Tip at a German Restaurant

This is our first “Ask Ann!”  If you have a question for Ann, use the contact form above! Did you know that German waiting staff get paid a certain amount per hour and therefore have a regular basic income? The tips they get are a little extra for them. That’s why you can sit forever […]

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