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I know that there are a ton of travel sites vying for your attention and the last thing you need is another place to check, but I’m going to through one into the mix anyway because it’s now one of my favorite go-to sites and I honestly like it and the people who started it.

Where?  Trippy.com

Why?  Trippy is a new community of travelers like you that are willing to share what they know, honestly. That’s what I love. You ask a question and someone is going to take the time to give you a truly honest answer. No sales pitches, no alternate agenda, just honesty. It’s a good thing.

The Map:  One of the coolest features of a Trippy answer is the map. With a simple @ sign, you can add all of your favorite places on the map which means that if you ask about, say, Valencia, Spain, then all of those must-see locations will already be mapped out for you. Embedded links and photos are just icing on the cake.

Asking:  If you’re planning a trip and have a questions, ask on Trippy. It doesn’t matter how detailed or how broad. I’ve learned driving routes in Spain and the best place to get a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich in Philadelphia. The more specific your questions, the better your answer will be, but it isn’t rocket science. If you’re curious, just ask away.

Answering:  You’re not graded. You don’t have to be a professional writer. You don’t have to write a long, drawn-out answer or even answer them all. Just answer what you can, when you can, if you want and you’ll be helping a fellow traveler to travel better.

Bloggers/Photographers:  When you answer questions, you can add relevant links back to your own travel blog and/or your own photos which is amazing because Trippy is already a great resource and as it grows and people find your answers, they’ll find your work as well.

Sign up: Signing up is free and easy. Telling Trippy where you’ve been tells Trippy what sort of questions you can answer and so you’ll only be forwarded those questions. Telling Trippy where you want to go will tell Trippy what sort of answers to highlight on your homepage.

Trippy was just officially launched a few months ago, so it’s still growing, changing, and improving which is exciting. The people who have started it are very responsive to questions and comments and want to make this a useful resource for travelers.



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