Veganz: A comprehensive Vegan store in Germany

Just wanted to send a quick tip for anyone who follows a “plant-based” way of eating here in the tri-border area. It is sometimes hard to find “vegan” or plant-based products on the economy but we have recently discovered an on-line resource with very minimal shipping fees.

This is an awesome grocery store, the worlds largest vegan store actually.  It’s in Berlin and is working its way across Germany and Europe. It has a wide selection of organic-gluten free-plant based products that can be delivered to your door in days or if you happen to be in one of its German locations you might get the opportunity to also enjoy the food at one of their plant based restaurants. Enjoy!

The closest Veganz market is in Frankfurt am Main.  For more locations, click on “Märkte” on the Veganz website.

Veganz Frankfurt am Main
Spessartstr. 2
60385 Frankfurt

Open in Google Maps

Tel: 069/23807792 
Fax: 069/90437449

Contribution by Angie Thibodeau

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