May-Lie Thai Restaurant in Heinsberg

Reader Recommendation by Cherie Wied Arendse


A new Thai restaurant in Heinsberg opened!  Great food.  It’s small with about 25 seats, so make a reservations on the weekends.

May-Lie Thai Restaurant
Hochstrabe 162 52525 Heinsberg
Phone: 024529897625
Hours: Tues-Fri, Sun 1130-2100 Sat 1730-2100


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  1. SN July 9, 2013 8:33 pm #

    May-lie is really good. We tried the restaurant one night and really enjoyed the food and service. The owners were welcoming and accommodating, and the owners’ daughter speaks English well. They even have take-out, which is great because the food is delicious! The portion size is generous compared to other places and like traditional Thai food, can get spicy. One word of caution is that they do not take credit cards: Cash Only! Luckily for us, the owners’ daughter directed us to a nearby ATM across the street (near the bus station). Before leaving we asked for a take-out menu and called for take-out the next week! It has quickly become our go-to Thai place.

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