Where to buy children’s books in German?


Hi ~ Trying to find some children’s books written in German for my 8 year old. We received ‘The Little Mermaid’ from a friend who lives in a different area, but are wondering if anyone knows of any local bookstores that would carry the fairy tales ~ Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Any ideas? Thanks!



I really like the bookstore in Geilenkirchen right next to Cafe Schlypen near the roundabout.  It’s small, but they are friendly, carry a nice selection of children’s books including some great books for kids to learn German, and they’ll order books for you if they don’t carry what you want.

Mühlbauer Buchhandlung

Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 128
52511 Geilenkirchen
02451 67467
If you want to shop online, Amazon.com has a few children’s books in German and you can also shop on Amazon.de and have books shipped to your local address.
If your child is going to the local German kindergarten, they also have book sales there once or twice a year and have a nice selection of books.  If not, ask your neighbors.

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