The Tough Mudder: When Mud Meets Adrenaline

Twenty obstacles over eleven miles, thousands of participants striving to complete challenge.  Icy water, electric shock, mud in all its glorious forms.  This isn’t just your average obstacle course and it’s certainly not for wimps.

Created as a training exercise by the British special forces, the Tough Mudder now holds events all over the world with proceeds going to support the Wounded Warrior Project.  It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it supports a great cause.    The Tough Mudder encourages team work and most obstacles will be completed better when done as a team.  During the MidAtlantic 2012 Tough Mudder, one extreme team even hauled a tractor tire through the entire course.  Many wear costumes.  One man wore a full suit.  Would he do it next year?  He’s not sure;  it got heavy when caked with mud.


The obstacles are spread out over the 11 mile course and though it is encouraged that participants complete each obstacle, it is possible to go around them you need to.  There are also water stations throughout and tons of volunteers to help participants when needed.  Groups go in waves over the two-day event.  The Dirty Birds finished in 3 hours and 10 minutes.  Not bad!

And yes, it’s in Europe too.   You can register now for the Frankfurt/Cologne event in May and you have plenty of time to train with your team.    I’d love to see your photos!  Post comments and photos here and at the Facebook page.  GO TEAM GK!  GO TEAM AFNORTH!!  GO TEAM USAG SCHINNEN!!!

2013 Events

Frankfurt/Cologne:  25-26 May

Stuttgart:  TBA

Berlin:  Aug 31-Sept 1

Amsterdam:  TBA

London/East Midlands:  May 4-5

South Coast UK:  June 8-9

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