Wok In Restaurant in Geilenkirchen-Neiderheid

Restaurant Review by Katherine Gallian
Wok In
Quimperlestrasse 80
Geilenkirchen- Niederheid
02451-628 9599
Hours and Prices:
Lunch Buffet:  Mon-Sat 1130-1430 (excluding holidays)  —  4.99€
Children’s Lunch Buffet (3-10yrs) 3.90€Dinner Buffet:  everyday 1730-2200 and Sun/Holidays 1130-2200 — 12.90€

Children’s Dinner Buffet (3-5yrs) 3.90€ — (6-10yrs) 6.90€

Mid-afternoon Happy Hour Buffet:  Sun/Holidays 1430-1630 — 9.90€

Children’s menu (on the take-out menu, don’t know about eating in) 4.50€
- Chicken with mushrooms and french fries, or
- Crispy chicken breast with sweet & sour sauce

The Review:

This Chinese restaurant is unassuming on the outside but wonderful.  The decor was modest, appropriate, and up-to-date.

Their dinner buffet includes:

  •  a Mongolian Grill where you pick out the meats and veggies and they stir-fry it for you, which included kangaroo and ostrich as well as the more usual suspects.
  • There was a small assortment of sushi which, while not phenomenal, was pretty good (and I’ve had some that wasn’t).  Have some sushi first because you won’t have room for it later.
  • One of the entrees on the buffet was Thai Chicken Curry- in itself (along with the perfect steamed rice) worth visiting this restaurant for.
  • The spring rolls were small and crispy with no sogginess on the inside.  But the sweet and sour sauce isn’t the super-sweet red viscous stuff I know from the US, it’s more natural.
  • However, you can get your super-sweet sauce fix from the kung-pao chicken, which turned out to be more like awesome chicken tempura with the fixings of lemon chicken- onions and green bell peppers- and super-sweet spicy red sauce.
  • And there is plenty more tempura on the buffet, and it’s done well- veggie, chicken, fish, squid.
  • The pan-browned snow pea pods were perfect- sweet and succulent.
  • Of course there is a small salad bar (includes kim-chi)
  • and some desserts- though more impressive was the ice cream cooler with at least 7 different flavors.

We’ve been 3 times now, and if you go late or when the place is empty and the food is low, they will ask you what they should make more of, so you will have fresh food.  Upon leaving they gave us a 2Euro coupon to convince us to return- hardly necessary.  They also have a take-out menu with a 20% off coupon for self-pick-up.

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