Sakura Running Sushi Restaurant in Cologne

Review and Photo by Katherine Gallian
Sakura Running Sushi Restaurant
Berrenrather Str. 266
Koln/Cologne 50939
Lunch Buffet 1200-1430
Mon-Sat: Adults, €10.90    Kids up to 7 yrs, €5.50
Sun & Holidays:  Adults, €20.90    Kids up to 12 yrs, €10.50
Dinner Buffet 1800-2230
Every Day:  Adults, €20.90    Kids up to 12 yrs, €10.50


Sushi on a conveyor belt- what could be cooler!?  Running Sushi is on a busy street in a neighborhood filled with shops for blocks, and it can be hard to find parking, but once you do it will be worth it.  Most of the tables are adjacent to the conveyor belt running through the restaurant.  The bottom line has cold food and the top line has warm food, either of which you can access through little sliding doors.  Each clear-lidded plate has 1 to 3 pieces of sushi or a small serving of food, and you’re not limited on how many you take (but the usual policy is to please eat everything you take).


Among the selections: a variety of maki rolls from simple to fancy, nigiri (rice ball with fish, eel, egg, mussels, shrimp, etc. on top), seaweed salad, sauteed spinach salad, peel-and-eat shrimp, veggie, meat, or seafood tempura with spicy-sweet sauce, stir-fry, spring rolls, fried banana, chunks of watermelon, fresh pineapple, and sliced juicy sweet oranges.  The wasabi and pickled ginger are on the cold line as well- you just take what you need and put those bowls back on the line.


You might grab a take-out menu on your way in, so you know what you’re eating from the pictures on it, as nothing was labeled.  We were only there for dinner, but online reviews in German say that the place can get pretty busy at lunch on weekdays, and that the more complex sushi doesn’t come out until dinner (or Sun/Holiday lunch).  Prices above do not include drinks.  Our waitress spoke English.  As we were paying and leaving, they offered us a complimentary little melon sherbet drink, which was nice.  Oh, and the food was great, too.

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