Living In GK Turns 5! (And a Contest)

Five years ago I decided to start throwing my handful of experiences into a blog and see what would happen.  It seemed like a little pebble, but it made a big splash and today, I’ve had over 450,000 hits and have received many, many wonderful emails from readers asking questions and telling me how this little project of mine has helped.

So, to celebrate our 5th birthday, we’re throwing a party by means of a contest.  There are some fabulous prizes including free facials and free high tea.  At least 33 people will win.

How can you win?  On July 31st, there will be a random drawing.  Your chances depend on how many entries you have in the pot!


                                   ~ Comment on a post.  Constructive comments that add to the content of the post.  Ex.  Did you like the restaurant?  Do you know another kennel that isn’t listed?  Tell us about your experience with what ever the post is about.   You’ll earn one entry per comment.  (Please leave your name with the comment, as I cannot track entries for anonymous posts).

                                   ~ Send in YOUR contribution.   Have you eaten at a restaurant that isn’t in this blog?  Have you been somewhere or taken a trip that you can’t find here?  Send in your experience.  Tell us where you went, where you stayed, where you ate.  Give us the kind of details that help you when you read this blog.  You’ll earn 4 entries per contribution (5 entries if you send a photo.)  Send entries and photos to:

                                   ~ Earn one more for following Living in GK on Facebook and earn another extra by leaving a comment or asking a question there.  There’s also a Living in GK social network on Facebook too!

                                   ~ Earn one more for following Living in GK on Twitter and earn another extra by mentioning @livinGK on twitter.

Please thank these fabulous people who have donated their time, products, and services for you!

  •  A lifting facial treatment including neck &  shoulder massage from Dawn Grocott 
  • A natural looking spray tan with Sunjunkie plus 15 % off 2 further spray tans from Dawn Grocott
  •  4 Free Make-up Workshops with Dagmar Noethlichs (75 Euro Value)
  • 2 – 50-Euros off of a nail course including a certificate with Dagmar Noethlichs
  • 20 of you will get a 15 Euros off of nails plus free nail design with Dagmar Noethlichs
  • 5 glamor or evening make up for a special event or party with Dagmar Noethlichs (60 Euro Value).  Make up done to suit your style.
  • Free threading (eyebrow, lip, or full face) at the new Spoil Me Day Spa
I have another great prize coming… watch this space for details in the next week.

    If you are a business and would like to contribute a prize before July 31st, please contact me at for more information.

    Below is the first email that I sent to let people know that this site existed.  I sent it to about 20 friends.  What I wrote here is still exactly how I feel about this blog and the direction it should still be heading.  I am going to make some changes soon to make it load faster and some other little things will change, but the goal is to help this community by sharing information.  Your comments, suggestions, and contributions are vital to its success.   Thank you!

    The humble beginning:   Just a handful of posts and an email to friends…

    From: Tiffany Weber
    Sent: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 1:29 am
    Subject: New GK Website

    I’ve spent 18 months in Germany, it’s taken me almost that long to really feel like I’m “in the know” regarding the local area and still, in most conversations with fellow Americans here, I find new nuggets of wisdom – great restaurants tried, travel ideas, etc. 

    When I got here I looked for some font of information and finding nothing, thought “If countless people have been here before me, where is that legacy of helpful information?  Why am I now trying to reinvent the wheel, muddling through, rediscovering things known by others, but new to me?” 

    So… here is my rather rudimentary stab at putting this wealth at your fingertips – and mine.  My 18+ months of experience in the GK area will go here complete with links, phone numbers, and reviews so that you can find the information that you need.  If you have taken a trip, stayed somewhere great, eaten out, taken a class, or know something that is worth passing on, please contribute.  Email those ideas and I will post them here.  Then anyone can simply search for keywords or labels and hopefully find what they’re looking for.  This is a place to share and stay “in the know.”  This is your “yellow pages” for all things in and out of the GK area.

    I am not a webmaster.  I chose the blog because I’m familiar with it and it’s free and search-able.  I do have a website that I may play with a bit in the future, but this is a simple start for now.  Your suggestions are welcomed and needed.  In the next couple weeks, I’ll be updating this frequently with information on all the trips/places I’ve been since I moved here. 

    This is just a very small start, but together, it could turn into something that could really benefit people.

    Thank you!


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    1. Anonymous July 2, 2012 3:35 pm #

      This blog is one of the sweetest navigations to assist you on living in GK. Due to this blog, I have fallen in love with Bagels and Beans, Eis Paradise. Just to name a few little restaurants and have recommended to others. That have become my famiky’s favorite.
      Thank you for creating this blog and look forward to doing more adventures in this Tri-border area. – Sherrell

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