New Regulations Re: Shipment of POV

Courtesy of LiGK reader and VPC Schinnen.
This new mandatory requirement just came to our attention.
Proof of ownership

For owned vehiclesOne of the following is required.

     ~ A certificate of Title, (free and clear), front and back, or
     ~ Host Nation Registration,(free and clear) front and back, or
     ~ Military Registration (free and clear), or
     ~ Bill of sale (if not registered locally)

For Leased or Financed vehicle:
     ~ Lien/Lease Holder Shipment Authorization Letter, (on company letterhead).
             – The letter must show:  Member name, vehicle make, model, year and VIN #
              – If the POV is leased, the following statement must be included in the letter:

“Should the lease holder require the return of the above stated vehicle before the service member’s next PCS move, it will be a private matter between the lease holder and the service member and the Government will not be held liable.”

     ~ Supporting user/driver documentation, such as US or Host Nation Registration

To Store a Leased or Financed vehicle:

     ~ A member who turns in a POV in a non Customs Territory of the US must provide A Lien/Lease Holder Authorization Letter to ship and store their POV.


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  1. Anonymous August 16, 2012 3:13 pm #

    Host Nation registration = Germany?

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