Dog Friendly?

At a restaurant in Alsace, France.

Are Germans “dog friendly?”  Yes. 
And the Dutch?  Yes. 
And the French too.

In fact, most Europeans are much pet friendly to the point of allowing them in restaurants and not recoiling when seeing them seated comfortably at a table.


Dogs of all sizes are allowed in many restaurants.  You’ll even see large dogs inside laying quietly under tables.  Here’s the  key – these dogs are used to this, well trained, and unless you look, you may not know they are there.

So will a restaurant tolerate a barking, begging, restless dog?  Probably not.

In the summer, your pet will love long walks to the many outdoor cafes in the local villages.  You can sit outside and relax with a beer, coffee, or piece of cake.  Your dog is welcome.  Seriously… doggie heaven here in GK.

Germany is by far the best place I’ve ever lived for walks.  The farm roads and trails are extensive and the Teverner Heide near GK is a beautiful forest for long walks/hikes.  Your dog will think he’s won the lottery here.

There are several veterinarians in the area that speak English very well.  You can find a list of some that we like here.

Finding your house:
Though not all rental houses allow pets, many do and if it doesn’t specify on the housing list, just ask.  Fences yards are not uncommon, in fact, all of the houses that I looked at in my search had fenced yards.

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