Books that inspire travel…

Reading about a place means more when you’ve walked those streets as does walking those streets after learning the history or hearing a tale.

It’s amazing how many stories can come to life after the opportunity to travel.

Here are a couple of my favorite European tales.

What are yours?

The Time In Between by María Dueñas

If you’re heading to Morocco or Madrid or are interested in a southern perspective of WW2…
Take a tour of 1930’s Morocco and Spain through the life of dressmaker Sira Quiroga.  Dueñas paints a vivid picture of life then interweaving the political chaos with seemingly ordinary people who would find themselves doing extraordinary things.  Infused with culture, not only is this a beautiful story, but a powerful one that speaks to the power of humanity and the global climate of the time.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

If you want to zig-zag through France, Turkey, England, and Romania…

This is quite simply my favorite historical fiction novel of all time.  Kostova takes you on a mysterious journey through Europe as her characters seek answers to a father’s disapperance and a stack of yellowing letters.  It’s about history and lore and the interweaving of the two with enough suspense and mystery to keep you reading and just enough romance.  The place descriptions are so vivid, it’s as if you were walking there yourself, and by the end of the book, you may just have a pretty good travel bucket-list.

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