Finding the stateside home.

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School information

  •  Scroll over the map to see different schools with their addresses, links, and ratings.  Search for schools and click on schools to see information, test scores, ratings, reviews, and demographics.
  •  Reader recommended.  “I was very interested in the 1/10 score b/c that’s how the school tests, but I was also very interested in the 1/5 star score b/c those are from parent reviews – and I read the comments and put stock in those.  I was also willing to go down on the first score for a more diverse student body and higher scores from parent reviews.”

House Hunting

  •  This covers a lot.  I was able to find more here than on other web sites and with this one you can also search by county if you want a particular school district.
  •  The title is self-explanatory.  This is a tremendous resource if you’re looking for a home to rent or buy after a PSC or if you are moving and want to list your home.  It’s by owner, so you have personal contact and can learn more about the area.  I know people that use this site a lot to list their own homes and we were just able to find an amazing rental here.  Since these aren’t listed through brokers, they aren’t always found on other sites.  I recommend checking this and the site above to get a better list of home options.
  •  You have to log into this site to search it, but it comes highly recommended from people who have used it and found their homes.
  •  Reader recommended.

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