Eis Cafe = Ice Cream Store!!!

Do they have ice cream in Germany? 
Yes! And it isn’t just for little kids. Here old people enjoy a scoop just as much as anyone and you will find entire families of all ages standing around a group of bicycles enjoying a cold sweet treat before continuing their bicycle trip.
Most of the ice cream you find in shops here is made at the shop itself. A lot of it is Italian gelato – including the ice cream served from most ice cream trucks.
You’ll get the usual… and the unique.
Spaghetti ice: Vanilla ice cream extruded onto the plate in thin spaghetti shaped streamers, then covered with strawberry sauce.
Strattiatela: Vanilla ice cream with flakes of dark chocolate.
Advocaat: Egg liqueur flavor.
‘Tis the season of fresh home made ice creams as far as the eye can see and at prices that we can all get quite fat on. Most places sell a small scoop of the yummy stuff for about .70. And it’s all delicious.
Ice cream is a summer treat here. Most of these places will only be open May – September.

Eisecafe Oberije
Lindenplein 12-13; Brunssum
Tel: 0031-45-52-72810
Open: Daily 1400-2200


La Gondola Italienische Eis Kaffeespezialitaeten
Gerbergasse 11; Geilenkirchen

Cafe Schleypen
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 126; Geilenkirchen
Tel. (0 24 51) 21 26

~Not solely an ice cream shop, this bakery/konditerei makes fresh delicious ice cream on the premises each day and sells it at the shop from May until September.

Kirchhoven (Heinsberg)

Carla’s Eislaedchen
Waldfeucher Strasse 164; Heinsberg – Kirchhoven
Tel: 02452-65024

~Ice cream, cakes, coffees on a nice Mediterranean terrace.


Die Twee Ijs Salon

Market Square, Sittart
Tel: (0031) 046-4528083
Open for ice cream ALL YEAR!

~Get your ice cream fix 365 days a year here at this small cafe right in the market square in Sittard. An easy stop. A scoop costs .75.

DODS Fashion and More
At the end of Putstraat near the Sittard market, across from Bagels and Beans, this little clothing shop also sells delicious Italian gelato.  Recommended by an Italian foodie!


Cafe am Rodebach
Knuppstraße 9
Tel. 02454/8623
Open all year – Ice Cream only served in the summer.

~ A tiny little cafe just at the edge of Stahe near Gillrath, the forest, and a ton of walking/biking trails, this place isn’t big enough for a huge party, but is a perfect quick stop during the ice cream season for a delicious scoop. A great place to reward yourself after a long walk in the woods.


Eis Paradies Penners
Millener Weg 25
Tuddern 52538
Tel: 05456-4646
Open 7 Days a week from May until September 2pm-9pm

~ This place is HUGE, so it works for large groups. They have seating indoors, on the patio, and outside. They have a playground for kids and horses nearby for them to look at. The portions are generous and the family that owns and runs it is very friendly. They also speak English well.


Waldfeuchter Garten Eiscafe
Meulenweid 37, Waldfeucht
Tel: 02455-522
Hours: Mon – Fri 1400-2000; Sat and Sun 1100-2000

Eiscafe am Markt Hubert Vogten
Brabanterstrasse 62, Waldfeucht
Tel: 02455-2164
~ice cream and cakes prepared fresh daily.

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