Charities: Accepting Donations

Whether we’re moving in, moving out, or just spring cleaning, we hope to send our gently used things to someone that needs them.   Here is a start of what I hope will be a list of options.  If you know of a place that needs our old things:  clothes, household items, etc… please leave a comment.
Regina Carmeli
(There is a large poster of the Foundress hanging on the corner)
Kollenberg 2 /President Kennedy Singel
NL – 6132 AL Sittard
Contact Sister Benedicta at #0031 46 457 0994
GK’s Catholic Parish has been working with the convent in Sittard for some time and has a good relationship with them.  You can contact the convent yourself and arrange a time to bring your things. 
“The convent helps several families in need in the area and they also have a ministry with refugees from different countries that are starting all over with their lives (some have families) plus the ministry with the families in Sandow, Poland. It is not a women’s shelter but they accept all kinds of donations because all is needed when someone is starting from scratch. I always contact Sister Benedicta because she speaks English and makes all the arrangements to receive the donations. All the Sisters are just
wonderful and so grateful for the donations received. Sister Benedicta and Mother Angela are the two sisters that I met when I went there.” – JM

Martin-Heyden-Straße 13
52511 Geilenkirchen
Tel.: 02451/2124 and 2544
Fax: 02451/628420

Caritas is an international Catholic organization that gives aid when needed.  They do clothing drives in the area and will pick up clothing and shoes that you don’t need.  Call to arrange a pick-up time.

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