Two More Indoor Playcenters!

Reader Contribution…

Indoor Play Center 
Kesselskade 43
6211 EN Maastricht
T.  043 32 122 12
Hours: Wed, Thurs, Sun 1100-1900
Fri, Sat, Holidays, New Year’s Day, Vacation Days 1100-2000
CLOSED:  Mon and Tues
Prices:  Children 1-12:  9 Euros
Children under age 1:  Free
Adults:  5 Euros (includes coffee and free wifi!)

“I discovered a new play place for the kids, it looks really clean and fun….and in the wake of Pee Wee’s closing in Niederheid, this is another option for parents and kids on these rainy winter days.  The place is called FunVille, and it is located in an old church in Maastricht, just over the walking bridge along the river.  Their website is  Possibly one of the best things about it is that you can pay for a staff member to watch your child/ren while you shop in Maastricht!  They also do birthday parties.”

Plopsa Indoor Playground
Gouverneur Verwilghensingle 70  
3500 Hasselt, BE

011 29 30 40

“It is an enormous indoor amusement park, similar to Kinderstad but larger”

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