Snow Tires.

Germany’s parliament has passed a new law that mandates the use of winter or all-season tires when there is “black ice, snow, sluch, ice or frost on German roads.”  These tires should be clearly marked by the manufacturer with a snowflake logo or the M+S symbol meaning mud and snow (matsch und schnee).

ADAC recommends the tires with the snowflake logo as they have higher standards for winter driving and a 4mm tire tread depth though only 1.6 is required by German law.  Snow chains may be required in some areas of heavy snow and ice, but only when directed by police or road signs.  The maximum speed allowed when driving with chains is 50 kph.

In effect now since 29 November, the fines have been doubled under these new rules with fines from 40-80 Euros for infractions.
Be aware when traveling, that Germany isn’t the only country with winter tire laws. 

For more information, contact your local vehicle registration or safety office or find out more at the USAREUR Registry of Motor Vehicles website at

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