Portuguese treats

If you travel to Lisbon or the southern region of Portugal, here are two delicious things to keep your eye out for.

1.  A cheese.  Look for a cheese called “Queijo da Serra da Estrela.”  It’s a soft lamb cheese from the region of Serra da Estrela.  There’s a chain of restaurants under the same name that often sell the cheese as well.  You can buy it in balls or rounds.  It’s hard on the outside and often wrapped in cheesecloth.  Inside it’s soft and creamy.  Just cut off the top, and serve it open allowing guests to scoop out bits of the middle with a spoon or knife and spread onto bread or crackers.  It smells like feet, but is absolutely delicious and a huge hit at parties.

2.  There’s a cherry liqueur from Obidos called “Ginja D’Obidos.”  You can find it at a supermarket chain called “Continente.”  Such a treat especially when served in dark chocolate shot glasses.

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