Passion Chocolate – Paris

 Passion Chocolate
Chocolatier Fabricant
122 Av. Simon Bolivar
Fresh ingredients.  True pure flavor.  A smooth creamy cocoa buttery center and chocolate so natural that it leaves chocolate fingerprints if you pause before tasting it.
These are not your usual chocolate and worth every penny.  A special gift or indulgent treat, it is absolutely a stop you have to make on a Paris trip.  
These were brought to me by house guests coming from Paris.  Bring a box of these and you’ll definitely be invited back.
This box held three layers like this, a hand-picked assortment, you can choose what you like.  If you like chocolates with just a touch of alcohol, try the one with the yellow raisin on top.  It’s deep and rich and tastes almost like Port.  So delicious!

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