Zumba and Dance lessons at the new RanesStone studio!


Another FUN way to get fit!!!

Many of you know Joyce Ranes or have heard of her.  She’s fun, friendly, and is always smiling.  That kind of energy is infectious which is great when you’re sweating at the gym.  Joyce became “famous” teaching classes at the GK gym, but now you’ll find her at her own fitness center in Geilenkirchen!  It’s definitely worth checking out!

RaneStone dance, fitness and party center 

Joseline Ranes (Joyce)
Holzmarkt 14, Geilenkirchen
Classes:  Zumba, ZumbAtomic (for kids), Salsa and Ballroom dance.


ZumbAtomic is Zumba for Kids taught by Joyce Ranes
We have two groups: Lil Stars from 4-7yrs and Big Stars from 8-12 yrs. This is a fun filled class to get kids moving and dancing and getting that exercise they need.
Zumba taught by Joyce Ranes

You are more than welcome to join us for a try-out. I think you will enjoy Zumba. 

You are welcome to bring a friend (just one per class) for a one-time free trial lesson.  To avoid overly full lessons, please send the name of your guest to zumbageilekirchen@gmail.com.

If you already have a membership card, please bring it with you to the class and register at the Bar/registration table to leave your membership card there upon entrance.   If you have not received your membership card and have already paid, please pick it up upon entrance. If you have not paid yet, you can do so upon entrance.   If you are not a member yet, you can always register online (www.ranestone.com) or personally on Wednesday.
Aqua Zumba taught by Joyce Ranes

Classes start at Hallenbad Geilenkirchen (the city swimming pool). We will also offer free try outs that day. For a free try out you need to register via email at zumbageilenkirchen@gmail.com, since we have a limited amount of space and floatation devices available.

Ballroom Dancing with Katja:  We offer free Try-outs that evening. Please reserve your slot at info@ranestone.com.

Salsa Classes with Jyotir: We will also offer free Try-outs that evening, but please reserve your spot at info@ranestone.com.

For more information:
Ranestone Website: www.ranestone.com
Facebook page:  Geilekirchen Zumba
Ruud Steenhuisen:  02451-9149774

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