Bokrijk, BE

Text and Photos by Rebecca Balkum

Part of the play area Bokrijk, BE

Bokrijk is located in a beautiful wooded area near Genk where you can easily spend all day or just a few hours, depending on your desired activity level.  It boasts the country’s largest outdoor playground that caters to all ages of children.  From the local area it is about a 45 minute drive to exit Midden Limburg, following signs that wind you through the woods to the park entrance.  Parking, which is 3 Euros for the day, allows access to the playground, open air museum, various biking trails and the castle grounds.  The playground is FREE, and has separate areas for children 8 and younger, as well as a wide expanse of entertainment for older ages.  For a minimal fee, the following are also available: small go-carts or motorcycles, pony rides, a water play area to cool off when the temperatures rise, and two mini golf courses, with a choice of difficulty level.  There are a couple of snack stands to choose from plus three restaurants, with more complete menus.

The open air museum is a fun and educational example of 19th century life in Flemish Belgium.  This area showcases three different regions.  Haspengouw is interactive, with actors role playing characters from 100 years ago.  Kempen portrays 500 years of historic life in a natural, wandering, country setting.  Oost-en West-Vlannderen (Flanders), is complete with houses and trade shops full of activity, showing details of everyday life, including spinning, weaving, hat making, and tobacco processing.  Also available is a chance to try out your skill with the “games” of the time period, such as walking on stilts, a race with wooden shoes, or an old-fashioned pole and hat game.  View the website for more in depth descriptions and listings of special events, like the high tech sound and light show tour at night.

Old hat making shop, Oost-en West-Vlaanderen area, Bokrijk
Bokrijk Park
Bokrijklaan 1
3600 Genk
Tel. +32 (0)11 265 300
Fax +32 (0)11 265 309
Prices:  Adults 26 and older – 10 Euros,  Children ages 6-25 – 1 Euro, Under 6 – free

2 Responses to “Bokrijk, BE”

  1. Allen September 13, 2010 1:40 pm #

    We have recently arrived at Brunssum and went to this park at the weekend it was great fun for everyone. Also took my 6 year old to the gymnastics class in Sittard that I saw on this site, she loved it. Great info on this blogspot. Thank you

  2. amandasponderings August 18, 2010 1:13 pm #

    Thanks for this info – after seeing it we took three teen kids there and had a great day. The 13 yr old had blast, but the 16 yr olds got a little bored after a while. Great place for younger kids too, I love the water area.

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