The Rhein in Flames: July

From July through September, you can find fireworks and celebration along the Rhein River.  Ask around.  Many GK folks have taken Rhein cruises to see the fireworks set off from castles along the ridges lining the river.  It’s stunning.

Here are a couple events along the Rhein and Rursee:

Rhein-In-Flames in Ruedesheim
When:  Beginning on 2 July, winemakers will assemble at the market offering snacks and wine.  The market and different musical events will continue through 5 July.  On Saturday, 3 July at 2300, the fireworks will begin.

Rhein-In-Flames in Bingen
What:  Part of the Rhein-in-Flames event that spans several towns, the ideal way to see this is to take a boat along the Rhein to see the castles seemingly engulfed in flames and the fireworks above them.  Wine booths and food is easy to find and there is live music everywhere.  More ino for Bingen:  

Flammenzauber JülichFlammenzauber Jülich
Location:  Brückenkopf-Park Jülich
Date:  16-17 July
What:  Fireworks and music. 
     Friday at 2230:  Russian music and fireworks
     Saturday at 2230:  Brasilian music and fireworks
More info:

Cologne Lights Up!
When:  17 July beginning around 1900
What:  A parade of boats, fireworks, music, and food!
More information:  (There is an English version – look for the British flag in the lower left hand column)

Rursee in Flammen

When:  22-25 July, 2010
What:  A number of musical performances, dances, food stands, and fireworks displays along the Rursee.  See the website for a list.  
Where:  Rurberg and Woffelsbach

More Rhein Fireworks – Koblenz
When:  10 August
Where:  Between Spay and Koblenz, there will be several fireworks.  The biggest is in Koblenz with the Ehrenbreitstein fortress behind it. 
The Night of the 1000 Flames
Where:  Oberwesel
When:  11 September (always the 2nd Saturday of September)

More information and boat reservations for these events and more: 

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