Local Insurance Scam

WE NEED YOUR HELP: The Dutch KMAR and the USAG Schinnen Military Police seeks information about any Soldier or civilian who may have taken out a car insurance policy with “Jassen”, “Winkens” or “Insurance Bureau De-goudse” so they can gather evidence and put a stop to an alleged fraudulent scam. If you have any information that can assist, please call +31(0)46-443-7323 or send an email.
A lady by the name of “Jassen” is selling car insurance for a company called “Winkens” with a listed address of “DropStraat 125, Brunssum”. Instead of placing a real policy in force, she is pocketing the money and leaving the unsuspecting client uninsured AND out the money. The scam includes the issuance of a  green insurance card under an insurance company called “De-goudse Insurance Bureau”.
Local Dutch KMAR were made aware of this scam when an American Soldier who had purchased insurance through Jassen was involved in a traffic accident; when the Soldier tried to make a claim, the Insurance Bureau De-goudse stated that they never heard of him and he didn’t have any insurance with them.
Thank you.
USAG Schinnen Public Affairs

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