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We all get visitors both young and old and sometimes the long walks on cobblestones can be brutal for our older family members.  Here’s a great business that will rent, deliver and pick up wheelchairs and other medical equipment that your visitors might need.  No reason for a broken leg or old bones to prevent your loved ones from a bit of fun abroad!

REHA Perfekt!

Kiesheckerweg 144
40468 Dusseldorf
phone  02114361580
fax  021143615810
Mail:  info@reha-perfekt.de
WEB:   www.reha-perfekt.de

They are very friendly and have some English speakers on staff.   I rented a wheelchair for my mother-in-law who uses a walker regularly. It cost 3 euro a day plus 25 euro for cleaning (they do this) plus pick up and drop off.   I rented it from March 26 to April 26th. (31 days)   I paid 151 euros and 80 cents.   I thought this was a pretty good deal. I bet you could pick it up in Dusseldorf and drop it off and save a few bucks that way if you really wanted to.  But I didn’t want to. I loved that they came directly to my door. Awesome

They rent the following items.   I suspect the price for the walker is similar to that of the wheelchair. The other items may be a little more.  

Walkers (These come with those industrial European wheels, not the wimpy ones like those on my mother-in-law’s that work okay in the states, but not so good on cobblestone. I regretted not renting one of these also)
Electronic Scooters with baskets (The ones you sit on and drive)
seat for the bath and toilet
hospital beds



Heinsberger STrasse 18
41849 Wassenberg

This one rents vehicles that are handicapped accommodating. The vehicles even come with handicap chairs. I have no idea how expensive, but you never know when the need would arise with visitors.


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