Living in GK? Buy a bike.

Regardless of the gloomy weather, the GK area is the bicycle-friendliest places I’ve ever lived.  So, if you’re thinking of coming over here, bring your bicycle, and if you are here and don’t have one, start looking through the Sunday paper for some good deals (Real is a decent place to start looking).  Biking here is amazing.

I was told that you can bike all of Germany almost entirely on farm roads and really, after living there, I can believe it.  In the Netherlands, it’s so bike friendly, it’s almost dangerous to walk.  Really, watch your step or you’ll hear about it.  I’ve never heard Dutch spoken angrier than when stepping into a bike lane.

So, get your bike and head out.  The Teverner Heide is lovely, the farm roads are fantastic, and there’s so much beyond. 

To help plan your local outing, check out this site:

Throw your bike in the back of the car and check these out!

  1. Kinderdijk – go there with or without your bicycle, but you’ll see more with.  2 hours from GK.
  2. Salzburg like Frau Maria?
  3. Tour 4 major cities by bike:
  4. Happy Mosel – a must do while you’re stationed in the Tri-Border.

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