Childcare and Preschool options

Babysitting List:

The American Red Cross (ARC) of Geilenkirchen occasionally does babysitting courses for young people in the area, then creates a list of those students who have completed the coarse. For the most up to date list, please contact the ARC. Do be patient. The ARC is a volunteer organization.


Schinnen area:
Pre-schoolers Play Morning
Play mornings for pre-schoolers take place Thursday mornings from 0930 to 1130 at the Schinnen Sports Center. For more information contact the Schinnen New Parent Education and Support program at 0031 046 443 7335.

GK area:

Once a month meetings with free childcare offering support and friendship for “mothers of Preschoolers.”  Food, crafts, a short lesson of inspiration.   From these Friday meetings, you’ll meet with, sit with, and connect with ladies who live near you, then you can be involved with smaller local playgroups in your area.
 Contact the GK Chapel for the current contact person and more information.


Child Development Centers (CDC) at
JFC Brunssum

Fort Emma Mine Schinnen

The bases at GK, JFC Brunssum, and Schinnen all have Child Development Center day care programs for ages 6 weeks to 5 years old.  Full time and drop in care is available including after school care for children ages 5 – 12.  Space is limited, goes quickly and there is almost always a waiting list, so if you are moving to the area, it is recommended to call ahead and let them know you’re coming.
Priority is given to single military, dual military, military with working spouse, civilian with working spouse, military with non-working spouse.  The GK CDC is open to all nationalities.  For more information, contact the CDC itself.

Canadians Preschool in Teveren
Kinder Korner (KKCCC)

“Located at the Terry Fox Halle facilities, phone +49-(0)-2451-717221. The KKCC provides full-time childcare for children 1 – 5 years old, before and after school age care for children 5 -12 years old and has offered extra services when AFNORTH International School is closed. These programs are offered in a stimulating atmosphere, which encourages discovery, independence and social interaction. The KKCC is open to all CF and Canadian DND civilian families.”  From the Canadian Cope Kit

German Kindergartens
 Kindergartens in Germany are half-full day programs for ages 3-6 where they learn mainly through play and hands-on activities.  They are very Montessorie in their approach and give children a lot of responsibilities.  Like any school, the strength of the kindergarten is based on the teachers.  So, you’ll hear great stories and bad ones.  German parents can tell you which German kindergartens are the best and which ones may not have the best reputation based on the teachers and the director.  Ask your neighbors what they think.  Each child will react differently to the immersion experience.  Usually the first 6 months is difficult, but most children pick up on the language quite well. 

 Testimonials here:

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