AFV Club! (Armed Forces Vacation)

I cannot believe that I am just now hearing about this… really.  Lived in Germany for 3+ years with no clue.   So, if you are as clueless as I was, listen up!  There are some amazing places out there that are affordable for military families!  Great, huh?  Check it out!

It’s called The Armed Forces Vacation Club and it’s through the Services division/MWR. You can find hotels, etc., virtually all over the world at exceptional rates.

Have heard it’s “hit or miss,” but when you hit, it’s amazing.  

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  1. Kelley April 18, 2010 7:14 am #

    I have used this website and it is AWESOME!!! I just used it 2 weeks ago for my spring break in the states for a resort in Montana. The condo was $53 a night through AFVC or if I called the resort directly it was like $225 a night. Be fore warned it is really run through a timeshare company RCI, and these are time share slots that are not being used, hence the reason, hit or miss and you might be getting some information about the time share program at the resorts. We have a couple of time. If you need a place, look through this site first!!!

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