Most of us don’t read the papers in Dutch or German.  We watch our AFN instead of the local news.  It’s quiet here.  It feels so safe here.  We don’t hear about the crime, so it must not be bad, right?  But robberies happen quite frequently and our children aren’t safe from predators either.  Be aware.  Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, especially now.  Read below.
“Recently, Dutch police sent out a warning for parents of children in the Tri-border community area, with respect to incidents involving a male approaching a 10yr old male boy in the Kerkrade (NL) area and attempting to entice him with candy/sweets. In a separate incident, another boy was approached and it is believed, the same individual attempted to entice him with candy/sweets into his vehicle. The individual was described as a colored male with short black hair, aged between 30-40yrs, approx 1.75m tall, black short hair, wearing light blue winter coat, large nose with no other distinguishing features.  He was described as speaking Dutch with a foreign accent.  The vehicle is described as blue in color, with no further details.  Parents are reminded to always be aware of where their children are and who is around them, and be watchful when outside with their children.  Any information pertaining to this person or similar incident should be passed onto your local police or IMP.”

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