Saint Joseph Market in Sittard

This annual market in Sittard traditionally takes place on March 19th in Sittard’s Saint Joseph’s market square – the same large market square that hosts most all of Sittard’s events.

The Saint Joseph (Joep) market is quite well known in the greater tri-border region not only because it’s the first annual fair of the year, but it’s also the biggest in the Netherlands and has been going on for more than 200 years.

You will find more than 5 kilometers of sprawling things for sale in a fun environment with lots of food. It is crowded, so do show up early to get a good parking spot. The market goes from 0800-1800 on 19 March at the Sittard market square and beyond. Many of the local coffee shops and restaurants will open early for this event. (Bagels and Beans will be open)

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