Spangdahlem’s Annual Eifel Spring Bazaar*

Reader Contribution…
Not that you need an excuse to shop, especially when the vendors are all hand-picked by the semi-professional shoppers of the SSEMC, but just in case your significant other needs a bit of a nudge, consider this:
  • Spangdahlem is only 90 minutes away through very picturesque countryside.
  • It’s BX and Commissary have things that Schinnen’s doesn’t.
  • You can schedule eye appointments around the bazaar for a “healthy” shopping trip.  
  • Take the weekend and combine Luxembourg, Trier, or a Mosel wine-tasting tour with a quick stop by the bazaar on the way home.
What:  Over 80 vendors selling wine, cheese, furniture, jewelry, potter and much, much more.
Where:  Spangdahlem Air Force Base in Hangers 1 & 2
Date:   19-21 March, 2010
Who:   Open to all U.S. & NATO Forces ID Card Holders
Friday, March 19 — Noon – 8pm
Sat. March 20 — 10am -8pm
Sun. March 21 — 10am -4pm

Need Money?   Accepts credit cards.  The mobile ATM truck will be on site for quick cash withdrawls.

*Don’t knock it ’til you try it.  Spang puts on a really great bazaar!

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