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Sandeman offers free, English-speaking walking tours in major cities around Europe.  My father and I took their tour of Amsterdam, and it was incredibly informative and entertaining!  Our guide was very
engaging and was a wealth of information on the history and culture of Amsterdam.  The three-hour tour flew by, and it really was FREE!  Sandeman guides are friendly, insightful and fun!  The guides work for
tips only, so they ensure that their guests have a great time.  We had people of all ages on our tour, and the guide ensured that the pace was appropriate for everyone.  The tours run every day of the year,
rain, snow, or shine.  Of course, you get the obligatory pitch at the end of the tour for some of Sandeman’s specialized paid excursions, but the guides were not pushy about these.  These tours are a great alternative to walking around a city with your nose stuck in a guide book or listening to a recording on a bus as the landmarks whiz by. 

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