Salsa. A great way to burn a few calories.

Sounds like a new addiction.  An no, I’m not talking about tortilla chips.  Salsa-cise is new, hip, fun, and FREE at GK’s New Gym!

Where?    At the Sports Department (New Gym)
When    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
What time?    12.00-13.00 (Multipurpose room)
How Long?    All year long
Costs?    Free of costs
Instructor:    Steven Forman

Info from the instructor:
“The term “aerobic means” with air” with oxygen.” Aerobic exercise uses muscles in a rhythmical and continuous fashion. It is any physical exercise that requires additional effort by the heart and lungs to meet the increased demand by the skeletal muscles for oxygen. Over time, heart and lung efficiency is improved with regular participation in aerobic activity

Salsa-Cise Aerobics combines exercise and dance movements into routines that are performed to Latin American music. Having fun is the key to sticking with any exercise program. When something is fun, we usually welcome the chance to do it again.

Aerobic exercise, such as Salsa-Cise Aerobics, is a fun way to get fit. It combines fat-burning aerobic movements, muscle-building exercises, and stretching into routines that are performed to South American music such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, etc..

Fitness through regular aerobic exercise greatly reduces the risk of getting lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and high blood pressure. Get moving if you want to be healthy, fit, and trim. So why not?. Add Salsa-Cise Aerobics to your fitness program and stay fit and healthy and have a lot of fun.

Aerobic exercise produce systemic benefits if it:

  • Lasts at least 30 minutes without stopping
  • Gets you breathing deeply but not out of breath and
  • Uses the muscles primarily in the legs”

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