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Buchhandlung M Muehlbauer
On the main street in Geilenkirchen next to Cafe Schleypen – an excellent book store in GK with a very friendly, helpful staff.  They spoke only German, but were patient with mine and eager to help.  The children’s area is very nice and I was able to find some nice story books in German with stickers and a vocabulary section for learning the language. 

Copy Center:

Burotechnik Gier

Theodor-Heuss Ring 26
Geilenkirchen 52511
T: 02451-8008
Can’t believe it took me almost 3 years to find this place… could have made my life A LOT easier and saved me a bit of printer ink.  The Burotechnik Gier does most everything a basic Kinkos does with copies… and they are very friendly and helpful as well. *  Located directly across the street from the Geilenkirchen train station, it is easy to park there or in front of their building.  *  You can buy prepaid cards to get the best rate, or you pay a rate depending on how many copies you need.  *  Remember that our paper is slightly different from the European sizes, so center your document up and down on the copier and do a test page before running a lot of copies.  *  The photocopy machines are not super fast. If you are making hundreds of copies, bring a book or run some errands and come back later. 

Gift Shop:

Hahn – Wohnen mit Kontrasten

Gerbergasse 9
52511 Geilenkirchen
Tel: 02451-67-350

Hours: Mo – Fr 0930 – 1830; Sat 0930 – 1400
 One of my favorite “in a pinch” gift shops with beautiful Leonardo glass, linens, bags, and seasonal decor, I can ALWAYS find something nice when I need a birthday or hostess gift. The prices are good and the ladies who work there are nice as well. Located within the pedestrian area just across from the fountain.

Jewelry Store:

Maertens Uhren Schmuck
Konrad-Adenauer Strasse 130
52511 Geilenkirchen
Tel:  02451-2537
Near Cafe Schleypen and the bookstore across from the narrow parking lot in downtown GK.  Went here to get a ring resized and a bracelet resized.  They were very upfront with their assessment.  The bracelet could not be resized without breaking the links are recreating a new one which I was not willing to do, but they did a beautiful job on my gold ring, had it ready exactly when they said it would be ready, and only charged me 7.50 for the work.  Very friendly and do speak some English.

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