Hiking in and around Valencia

Valencia is special in that it lies on a narrow strip of land sandwiched between the Mediterranean sea and a long range of mountains topped with castles and ruins, so it’s easy to see the city, enjoy the beach, and do some hiking in the mountains all in one vacation.

There are many, many biking and walking routes through the mountains around Valencia. Quickly to access and free, they provide a bit of something different in a city vacation and an opportunity to walk on Moorish trails thousands of year old.

I like the trails behind Puzol. Part of the Sierra Calderona nature park, the trails stretch for miles with some amazing views. It’s easy to find trail heads. Look at your map to see where the road leads away from Puzol into the mountain. It curves around to reach Gilet on the back side of the mountain. Between these two small towns, along a narrow curvy road, you’ll find several places to park and begin your hike. The best place to park is at the Convent of Sant Esperit where you can park, hike for a while, then return to for a beverage at the cafe there.

For more information and maps with information on longer trails, explore the websites below.

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