IYA: International Youth Activities

The IYA at the GK air base offers a tremendous number of activities for kids of all ages including after school programs, day trips, spring break camps, sports, and year-round classes.  This is a great place for kids to get involved.

IYA Office
Information and registration
Bldg 95
NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen
0049 2451 63 4955

The following list of activities is outdated, but will give you a quick overview of what the IYA will typically offer.  For more information on what they currently offer, please contact them directly.

IYA Trip to Augustusburg Castle and Seven Mountains with Rhein Cruise and Winegrowers Market in Königswinter
On Saturday, 3 October, 0830 – 2000, we will first travel to the famous Augustusburg Castle and Gardens in Brühl, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. From the former capital Bonn a cruise boat will take us to the beautiful town of Königswinter. On the market place in the old town the local winegrowers are celebrating the annual Winzerfest with music, wine booths and traditional food. If you like, you can visit the Drachenfels with its remnants of a 12th century castle, from where you have a spectacular view of the Rhein valley and Seven Mountains. Take the historic train up and/or down the hill or hike. Afterwards you may want to explore the big Sea Life Aquarium with its 360° glass tunnel. The bus departs from the parking lot outside the Front Gate. Cost is € 23 for ages 14 and up, € 21 for ages 5 – 13, and € 12 for ages 4 and under, including guided tour through Augustusburg Castle and boat fare.

IYA Trip to Toverland Indoor and Outdoor Amusement Park
On 28 October the IYA is offering a trip for ages 6 and older to Toverland, a large amusement park boasting an amazing variety of small and big rides and beautiful playgrounds both indoors and outdoors. The bus departs at 0830, and gets back at about 1730. Cost is € 30,50 per child, chaperones go free.

IYA Fall Break Program
From 26 to 30 October the IYA is organizing a session for children aged 6 and older. The children can be dropped off at 0800, and picked up no later than 1730. The program offers fun games, arts & crafts, sports, free play, special projects and movies. Cost is € 72,50 for one child, € 145 for two children, and € 181,25 for three or more children, including field trip to Toverland Indoor and Outdoor Amusement Park on Wednesday and lunch on Friday.

IYA Basketball Season
The IYA Basketball season for international boys and girls between 6 and 15 years is coming up. Children and teenagers of all nationalities are invited to learn and play this sport together in our international community. The season – full of fun-filled and exciting games and tournaments – will run from December to February. Fee for the season: € 27 per player. Registration from 2 to 27 November.

Volunteers Wanted for IYA Basketball Season
As usual the IYA can only offer its Basketball program with your dedicated volunteer help. Call x 4955 right now to get further information, and to sign up as coach, assistant coach or referee for any of our leagues!

IYA Dance Classes

The IYA Dance program under the experienced and certified instruction of Mrs. Stella Schinagl is starting again at the IYA Multi-purpose Room. Cost is € 14 for 4 lessons. Register in class. The following classes are offered:

Tots (age 3) – Wednesday, 1515 – 1600,
Pre-primary Ballet – Monday, 1500 – 1600,
Pre-primary Ballet and Tap – Thursday, 1600 – 1700,
Primary Ballet and Tap – Monday, 1600 – 1700.

Grade I – Tuesday, 1500 – 1600, and Wednesday, 1600 – 1700,
Grade II – Wednesday, 1700 – 1800,
Grade III – Monday, 1700 – 1800.

Tap & Jazz
Grade I – Tuesday, 1600 – 1700,
Elementary – Tuesday, 1700 – 1800,
Grade II –Thursday, 1700 – 1800.

Volkshochschul Language Courses

The fall session of Volkshochschul language courses is starting the week of 7 September. Classes are held in Bldg 141. Basic price for intensive courses: € 77,00 for 24 mornings / evenings. Registration in class. Further information at x 4954. The following courses are offered:

A1 – Beginners – Intensive Courses, Schritte 1, Lesson 1
Mon & Thu, 0830 – 1000, instructor: Tanja Rzeppa, Room 118
Tue & Thu, 1730 – 1900, instructor: Christine Mertens, Room 118

A1 – Advanced – Intensive Courses
Mon & Wed, 0830 – 1000, instr.: Marita Brinker, Schritte 1, Lesson 5, Room 109
Tue & Thu, 1900 – 2030, instr.: Meral Alkan-Oncu, Schritte 2, Lesson 8, Room 109

A2 – Schritte 3
Mon & Thu, 1000 – 1130, instructor: Tanja Rzeppa, Lesson 1, Room 118
Tue & Thu, 1900 – 2030, instructor: Christine Mertens, Lesson 1, Room 118

The basic price for the following course is € 115,00 for 24 mornings:
Mon & Wed, 1000 – 1215, instructor: Marita Brinker, Lesson 4, Room 109

The basic price for the following course is € 58,00 for 12 evenings:
Mon, 1800 – 2030, instructor: Christine Mertens, Room 118
This course directly prepares you for the C1 exam (Mittelstufenprüfung Deutsch), an internationally acknowledged degree. You will have the opportunity to take this exam.

A1 – Beginners – Intensive Course
Tue & Thu, 0830 – 1000, instructor: Janet Budzyna, Room 109

A2 – Intensive Course
Tue & Thu, 1015 – 1145, instructor: Janet Budzyna, Room 109

B1 – Intensive Course, Headway, Intermediate, Lesson 1
Tue & Thu, 1000 – 1130, instructor: Aileen Porter, Room 125

The basic price for the following courses is € 38,00 for 12 mornings/evenings:

B1 – Advanced Conversation
Mon, 1000 – 1130, instructor: Aileen Porter, Room 125
Texts will be provided by the teacher.

A1 – Beginners
Wed, 1730 – 1900, instructor: Nuria Martin, Room 125

A1 – Beginners
Mon, 1730 – 1900, instructor: N.N., Room 109

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