German Lesson!

Katrin teaches German to children and adults.

Katrin Werner
home: 024514094623
cell: 015778348827

From Katrin:
“I am a middle school teacher and I am in school since 1997. I teach German, Italian and Art at the REALSCHULE UEBACH-PALENBERG. Besides my work in school I give private lessons in my office in Uebach-Palenberg. It makes sense that the child is at least five years old. It helps if the child is already able to write. I ask 14 Euro for a full our. If I take more than one child at the same time the rate is 10 Euro for each child. There can’t be more than 3 children together. I ask 12 Euro seeing a child everyday (extensive course). For the time schedule the best thing is to talk to the parents…I am quite flexible on this. I believe that we should help the kids most we can, as their lives become much more easy knowing German while they stay in Germany. Their situation in school is often very difficult and parents are always right giving further help. The German school system can’t do enough for them…At this moment I can start teaching three more children. My work is very creative. The student will improve his/her German skills playing, so that the child won’t feel the pressure of studying. My office is near the real supermarket at Uebach-Palenberg. Please let me know if you have further questions…”

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