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Ok, so I don’t live in the area anymore, so this post is making me a bit sad. Ahhh… the amazing things you can find there. Yes, this is a bit chocolate heavy. Blame me. May be this will explain the Tri-border “fluff” I acquired after 3.5 years living there. :) But these treats… totally worth every fluffy ounce.

Canisius Stroop – You drive by the “apple plant” every time you go to Schinnen, but have you tasted what they make? Take a left across the railroad tracks when you reach that last intersection before the base and look for the shop on the right. Canisius makes delicious apple syrup among other things – thick, natural, great on toast – and truly a Dutch treat!

Douwe Egberts – Go to one of their shops – there’s a nice one in Maastricht between the market and the Vrijthof. Good coffee, delicious desserts, and really cool, truly Dutch gifts.

Alkmaar Biscuits - Like a shortbread cookie, delicious alone or with fruit or ice cream, these biscuits are made in the cheese town of Alkmaar, come in a darling tin, and can be found (with some luck) in some of the local Dutch grocery stores.

Toast Sprinkles – The Germans have their Nutella and the Dutch have sprinkles. Milk, white, and dark chocolate, mixtures of pink or blue and white perfect for baby showers, green with crocodile shapes… silly and fun and great for kids! These are made for toast with butter, but are fantastic for cupcakes or on top of ice cream.

Rousseau Chocolates – With its factory and shop in Sittard and another storefront in Heinsberg, you’ll especially enjoy the filled eggs at Easter time. They can also do personalized chocolates, words and letters for special occasions.
Langs de Hey 11; Industriepark Noord; 6136 Sittard
Phone number: 0031-46-4519282

Visser Chocolate – Honestly, these aren’t my absolute favorite chocolates, but they are a local Dutch thing and if you’re sending out a gift box, a few of these wouldn’t hurt. I discovered this place because they gave a tour to my daughter’s preschool class. Now that’s my kind of field trip!
Address: De Steeg 32a-32b, 6333 AP Schimmert
Tel: (0031) 045-5710025
Fax: (0031) 045-5713020

Ducharette Chocolates10 minutes from the base and oh so dangerous. Quick gifts, or sinful indulgences. These were my “rewards” for being good, but it is so hard to eat just one, so I wasn’t “good” very often. My favorite – the dark chocolate envelopes with a orange flavored filling. Delicious!
Kloosterstraat 5
6374 EN Ubach over Worms
Landgraaf, NL
Tel: 0031-(0)45-531-24-96
Open: Tues-Fri 0900-1800 Sat 0900-1600

Friandises – No website, sadly, but these chocolates are simply amazing, and historically famous. Ronald Reagan stopped here and had some chocolates once… the White House got a box at Christmas for years after. One of those special Maastricht treats – a nice reward after a long walk about the city. If you like orange with your chocolate, you’ll flip over their chocolate covered oranges. Amazing.
Wycker Brugstraat 55
6221 EB Maastricht
Tel: +31(0)433214028
Hours: The local norm… closed on Sundays, sadly.

Pesto Cheese and Graaskaas – Not to be completed without cheese, these two are my absolute faves. Found at the Sittard Market on the corner of the C&A next to the flower lady and across from the produce folks at Rodepet. You can get the almost neon green pesto cheese year round. Fabulous with the Carr’s pepper crackers you get at the commissary. Graaskaas is only available for a few months beginning about June. It’s made from that first milking after the cows come out of the barn and munch on grass for the first time since winter. It’s light, yet flavorful, soft and delicious. My girls devoured this one and still ask for it. Save your receipts. For every 50 you spend, you get a gift. :)

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  1. Barbara Fankhauser September 2, 2009 8:30 pm #

    You have to include the Pannekoekenbakker in Thorn. The wonderful expernece of Thorn (the white city) & the awsome Dutch treat Pannekoeken (really thin pancakes with almost anything & every thing on them).

    Thanks for getting this together. I will pass it on to frineds of our that are heading over.

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