This guide was created by The Blue Beet Root and used with their permission.

Guide to Symbols:
P parking
WC toilet
CC credit card facilaties
Eu, $ – foreign currencies facilaties
Assortment- CRM pottery, WKR baskets, wicker products, GL glass, J jewelery, A artworks
E English spoken, G German , F French, I Italian


Tomaszów Bolesławiecki 111 A,
tel./ fax. 0048 (0)75 731 0221,
Hours: Mo- Sat 6 am – 6 pm
Open on Sun for the guests of the Blue Beetroot

We highly recommend Andy’s they have some really good hand painted designs at very reasonable prices. When looking for Andys in Tomaszów turn LEFT at the Church- do not get confused by the Andar Signs on the right. This is a different pottery. Andy’s pottery will give you 10% discount if you are guests of the Blue Beetroot.

Paint your own mug !!
At Andy’s there is an opportunity to paint your own pot (eg. mug) . Firing the pot takes three days to a week. But if you cannot collect they will happily send it to you if you leave them your address. They will only charge you for the postage. Please go to the pottery after 2 o’clock if you wish to paint your own pot.

Andy will even open on a Sunday by arrangment with the Blue Beetroot (just let us know). Please ask a member of staff for a discount voucher to give to Andy when you are there.
If you give him your exact address and a mobile phone number, Andy can post your pottery to anywhere in Germany.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, E, G

UL. Kościuszki 24
59- 700 Bolesławiec
Stan’s mobile: 0048 508 30 36 10
Hours: Mon- Sat 8 am- 4 pm; Sun 10 am- 2 pm

If you are interested in buying antiques this shop is a must visit!

Stan is a local character specialising in antiques. At his shops you will find old treasures and some pottery as well. He has a lot of things comming from WW2 times (military items, old books and newspapers, weapons), but also old furniture and kitchenalia.
Stan is available on his mobile 24/7 so he can open his shop for you anytime you want.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, Antiques, GL, E, G

3. Cermaika „KALICH” ,
Czerna 32, 59- 730 Nowogrodziec,
tel/fax 0048 (0)75 736 3434,
Hours: Mon- Fr 8 am- 8 pm
Sat 5 am- 7 pm
Sun 8 am- 1 pm

This shop is well known as The „P” Shop or the Blue Shop. They have various patterns of their own production and design. They will ship orders of over 1000 $
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, E, G

4. Ceramika
Czerna 39
0048 (0)75 736 3310
Hours: Mon- Sat 8am- 8pm
Sun 10 am- 3 pm

Various pottery from diferent producers. They give discounts for more ceramic bought. Nice crystals and glass with hunting motives.
P,WC, CC Eu, $, CRM, WKR, GL, A, G

5. Ceramika „CERWIK”
Zebrzydowa 62
tel 0048 (0)75 736 3343
Hours: Mon- Fr 7 am- 7 pm
Sat 6 am- 7 pm

This shop has been open for over 12 years. It has a large assortment from many different potteries in Bolesławiec.

ul II Armii WP 37
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 734 7035
Hours: Mo- Fr 9 am- 7pm’ Sat 7am- 4 pm

Good assortment of unusual oriental ornaments.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, WKR, GL, A, E, G

ul. Zabobrze 28
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 734 7101
Hours: Mo- Fr 6 am – 2 pm
Sat and Sun by tel: 0048 (0)503 023 412 (Zenon Bramowski- owner)

This small factory makes quite different pottery than the others.
Pottery with a large assortment of functional items. Please ring the above number anytime for access.
P, WC, Eu, $, CRM, E, D

8 Ceramika Użytkowa
A. Z. Rybak,
ul. Zgorzelecka 22 B
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 732 2089
mobile phone 24/7 0048 (0) 604 96 39 14
Hours: Mon- Sat 9 am- 5 pm
Sun- call her mobile

This shop was known as one of „The Three Sisters”

9. Ceramika Bolesławiecka
ul. Zgorzelecka 22b
59- 700 Bolesławiec
Hours: Mon – Fr 9 am- 5 pm

This shop was also known as one of „The Three Sisters”

ul Zgorzelecka 22b
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 732 69 02,
Hours: Mon- Fr 9 am- 5 pm; Sat 8 am- 4 pm

This store is one of Manufaktura’s Pottery shops. It is an exclusive shop with a very extinguishing pottery and outlet assortment as well. Unique patterns, ceramics painted by the best artists from Manufaktura Pottery. Very nice and professional service.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, GL, A, E, G

11. Store by Artistic Ceramic WIZA
ul. Masarska 1
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel/fax 0048 (0)75 732 56 32
Hours: Mo- Fr 9 am – 5 pm, Sat 8 am – 4 pm

This shop stocks pottery from the WIZA factory, but also a nice assortment of gift items.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, A(metal artworks),E

ul. Masarska 1
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 732 2926
Hours: Mo- Fr 8 am – 6 pm, Sat 8 am – 5 pm

Excellent shop, good parking, with wicker goods upstairs. Stays open till 5 pm on Saturdays. Must visit.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, WKR, A, E, G

ul. Masarska1
59- 700 Bolesławiec (right after Henry’s)
0048 (0)75 735 2141
Hours: Mo – Fr 9 am – 5 pm, Sat 8 am – 4 pm

Large sellection of different patterns and shapes from Manufaktura factory. Reduced quality assortment to buy at very good prices.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, A (wood), E, G

ul .Rajska 15
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 732 4562
Hours: Mo- Fr 8 am – 4 pm, Sat 8 am – 4 pm

Sun bell near the gate. On Sundays call staff by ringing the bell.


(factory and a big shop)
ul. Gdańska 30, 59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 732 2062 int. 26,
fax. 0048 (0)75 732 6956,
Hours: Mo- Fr 7 am – 4 pm, Sat 7 am – 2 pm

MANUFAKTURA is a large, modern pottery with an amazing mish mash of designs. Follow the circular sign with a pot in the center. At this pottery you can visit the factory and see how the pots are made (available 7 am- 2 pm, ticket 5zł/ 2,50zł). Here you can also take part in a ceramic workshop lessons (ask the staff for the details).
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, E, G, F, Spanish, Russian,

16. DANA
ul. Lubańska 71
59- 700 Bolesławiec
0048 (0)75 732 3133
Hours: Mo- Fr 6 am -2pm,
Sat 6 am – 2 pm

It is a pottery with a shop P, C

Artistic Ceramic
ul. Kościuszki 23
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 732 4051
Store 732 33 00
fax. 0048 (0)75 732 4053
Hours: Mo- Fr 9 am – 5 pm , Sat 8 am – 2 pm

The best and oldest pottery, with a world famous ceramicist, who has worked there since 1964. High Quality products. One Sat (10 am- 2 pm) in a month they have meetings with their designers when you can learn to paint pots (for more informations- click their web site). They also lead tours arround the factory (for free, even for a single customer). At the store you can also buy albums and books on the Pottery and cooking books.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, E, G

ul. Kościuszki 17
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 644 32 81
mobile 0048 607 090 625
Hours: Mo- Fr – 8 am-6 pm; Sat – 8 am- 3 pm

Very good, big store, a lot of ceramics from all factories and rich other assortment. Good discounts. P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, WKR, A, E, G

19. Zakłady Ceramiczne BOLESŁAWIEC

ul. Kościuszki 11
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 732 2736
Hours: Mo- Fr 7 am – 6 pm , Sat 7 am – 3 pm
SUN 9 am- 4 pm

Big pottery with a rich selection of ceramics. You can often find bargains on the lower shelves.
They lead tours arround the factory, please let them know 1 week in advance (for over 3 y.o.).
At this pottery you can order your pots online, and for an additional fee they can post it to EU countries, or ship it to US and Canada
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, E, G

20. Store by Artistic Ceramic WIZA

ul. Kościuszki 24
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 075 732 6975
Hours: Mo- Fr 9 am – 5pm , Sat 8 am – 3 pm

This shop is stocked by WIZA pottery. It is worth to visit if you look for a jewelery. They have nice silvers combined with Polish ambers.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, Jewelery, A, E, Russian

21. GERO
ul. Kościuszki 24
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 644 5889
Mo, Fr- 8 am- 6 pm
Weds, Tues, Thu – 8 am- 5 pm; Sat 7 am – 4 pm

Big store with a large choice of pots from different factories. On tthe stock they have also a lot of wicker some porcelaine and glass.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, CRM, WKR, GL, A, E, G

Ul. Kościuszki 24, 59- 700 Bolesławiec,
Tel. 0048 (0)75 644 9886 Mo- Fr 8 am- 6 pm
Sat 7 am- 5 pm

At this shop they have 40% discounts even for purchasing a single item
P, CC Eu, $, CRM, WKR, E, G


Ul. Kościuszki 24 B
59- 700 Bolesławiec
Mobile phone: 0048 (0) 602 690 125
Hours: Mo- Sat 8 am- 5 pm; Sun 10 am- 4 pm

Ceramics from a small factory run by Mr. Tyrcz. At the store by a special order you can leave a photo of youselfe and they will draw a portraite. It takes approx. 3 weeks.
P, CC, CRM, WKR, GL, A (portraites), E, G


ul. Mostowa 24
59- 700 Bolesławiec
tel. 0048 (0)75 734 7643
Hours: Mo- Sat 6 am- 10 pm; Sun bell at the gate

On Sundays call staff by ringing the bell
P, WC, Eu, $, CRM, G

25. Artistic Ceramic WIZA
Parowa 61
59- 724 Osiecznica
tel. 0048 (0)75 731 2770
0048 075 732 1822
fax: 0048 (0)75 731 2792

WIZA also in Parowa has shops elsewhere in town. Interesting patterns.

Parowa 60 A
59- 724 Osiecznica
tel./ fax. 0048 075 732 1823,

Parowa 60
59-724 Osiecznica

tel/fax: 0048 (0)75 731 2681
Hours: Mo- Fr 8 am- 3 pm – Sat 8 am- 12 pm

These two potteries produce mainly flower pots and garden ornaments but a visit there is A MUST!! The potteries maintain their old, traditional beehive kilns ( as opposed to the modern tunnel kilns, used in more modern potteries) . These kilns are entered through a tunnel stacked high with pots and then the entrance is bricked up and the kiln coal fired arround the base. You can see the whole process and even enter the kiln, obviously before it is fired. The whole place has a Dickensian feel and is truly a living museum.
P, WC, Eu, $, CRM, G

28. WR Ceramika
Tomaszów Bolesławiecki 99
59- 720 Raciborowice
tel./fax. 0048 (0)75 738 9461, Mo- Fr 6 am-2 pm , Sat 6 am -2 pm
This pottery has nice flower and X-mas patterns P, WC, CC,


Tomaszów Bolesławiecki 87
tel. 0048 075 738 9432
fax. 0048 075 738 9431
Hours: Mo, Tu, Thu, Fr, Sat 8 am – 4 pm

STUDIO BOROWSKI is a glass blowing works, they only make modern art glass sculptures. Ring at the gate, they speak English and their shop has Krosno ( best polish crystal) as well as its own products. If you are in luck and they aren’t very busy, you may have a chance to blow your own glass ball.
P, WC, CC, Eu, $, Artistic Glass and functionall glass items E, D

Milinski’s Art Gallery
Pławna Dolna 9, 59- 623 Lubomierz
tel./fax. 0048 075 783 3280

Open for a whole day GALERIA MILIŃSKI ½ hour outside town, but this eccentric artist is considered one of Polands best. You know you are there when you see the sculpture of giant bed in the garden. Not so long time ago Miliński opened his Museum which shows you the legends of Lower Silesia.
P, WC , A, very nice pictures by Miliński

by the cross of ul. Komuny Paryskiej and ul. Jeleniogorska ( near the traffic lights)
Hours: Mo- Sat approx. 7 am – approx. 3 pm
Local fruit, veg and flea market . In the flea market there is a chance of finding the odd treasure. P, WC, flee market, fresh fruit and veg

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